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Atrium Conservatories

A dynamic showcase website for a conservatory manufacturer
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Screenshot of Atrium Conservatories website
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Atrium is a regular Maweb web design customer that manufactures high quality, bespoke, hardwood conservatories, orangeries, windows and doors out of facilities in Kington, Herefordshire. The Atrium website has moved through a number of iterations over its lifetime, starting with a very basic page, moving through various corporate image changes and website updates to the point where today is has more than 100 examples of their work in a categorised showcase.

The Atrium site is a PHP based website with a CMS allowing the site administrators to upload and tag showcase images and update scrolling page images.

Client Location: Kington, Herefordshire

Work Done: Complete website design through a number of styles as the business has adapted to market changes. Fully programmed in validated XHTML using hand-coded PHP with MooTools features and an underlying mySQL database.

Past work has included building and updating Actinic templates (a legacy from a previous web designer) and migrating Actinic templates and files to PHP/mySQL system

visit site: www.atriumhereford.co.uk