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The Priory Church, Leominster, Herefordshire - Maweb has worked on websites for clients are based in Leominster! Website designer and developer Maweb has worked on websites for a number of businesses in the North Herefordshire town of Leominster over the years. Whilst we do not currently have any active clients in Leominster, examples of our work as a sub-contractor for a local web design agency are still in evidence on a number of Leominster business websites.

A bit about Leominster

Leominster (pronounced as Lemster or Lempster locally) is a market town in north Herefordshire, England, located approximately 12 miles north of the city of Hereford and 11 miles south of the Shropshire town of Ludlow. It is the largest of the five towns surrounding Hereford in the county and was the administrative centre of the Leominster district under the now abolished joint county of Hereford and Worcester. Leominster is located on the join of the Rivers Lugg and Kenwater and is the only market town in Herefordshire to have a railway station.

Leominster town possesses some fine examples of architecture throughout the ages such as the Priory Church, which was founded in 663, houses some interesting historical artefacts including a ducking stool and Grange Court, built in 1633 by the King's carpenter John Abel. Throughout the town there is a wide variety of architectural styles from the medieval overhangs in Drapers Lane and School Lane, The black and white building around Corn Square to the Georgian splendour of Broad Street. Cricket has been played on the expanse of grass just off the town centre known as The Grange, under the shadow of the Priory, with Grange Court as a fitting backdrop for many years.

The town centre is semi-pedestrianised, maintaining the bustling atmosphere of a market town. A market is still held each Friday, taking over the car park in Corn Square with the historic buildings bordering a scene that has remained relatively unchanged over the centuries. Leominster is home to a number of quality antique shops, a nationally acknowledged auctioneer, a variety of small shops, cafes and pubs. A musical performance in the hidden Lion Ballroom off Broad Street will be an event to remember. Leominster offers a great day out for all of the family with lots of local shops, history and some free parking!

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