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The Lake Llandrindod Wells - Maweb has worked on websites for clients based in Llandrindod Wells!Kington, Herefordshire-base website designer and developer, Maweb, has undertaken work for a number of Llandrindod based businesses, generally handling sub-contract work for a Herefordshire based web design business. Whilst we do not currently have any active clients in Llandrindod Wells, some our work is still evident in a variety of sites for businesses around the town.

As Llandrindod is just a short drive from Kington, we're always ready to pop in for a chat with potential clients in the Llandrindod Wells area.

A bit about Landrindod

Llandrindod Wells, locally known as "Llandod", is a town and community in Powys, within the historic boundaries of Radnorshire, mid Wales. Llandod was developed as a spa town in the 19th century, and boomed in the late 20th century as a centre of local government. It is currently a major administrative centre for the Welsh Assembly Government.

The Llandrindod Wells Victorian Festival, also referred to as Victorian Week, is held annually at the end of August. The festival brings many visitors to the town where many locals (and some visitors) dress in Victorian, Edwardian or other antique costumes. Many of the town's shops and high-street businesses join in the spirit of the event and decorate their windows as appropriately. During the festival there will be open-air and street theatre and music, a fairground, craft fair, historical re-enactments, and various other entertainments.

Llandrindod Wells is also known for its 14 acre lake, built in the late 1800s to attract more visitors from around Britain, carried by the Central Wales Railway. The woods around the lake are home to a number of species of trees, birds and other animals. Part of the woodland has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The lake is also locally famous for its annual toad migration where thousands of common toads descend on the lake to breed. The Victorian Rock Park, with its pump room now housing a restaurant and a display of the heritage of the Spa town highlights the town's Victorian roots and heritage. The town is also home to the National Cycle Collections, housing some 250 bicycles in a fascinating 6000 sq foot museum.

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