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Aristocrat Wedding List

A shop-free wedding list service
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A website within a website. A client of Aristocrat Tiaras requested a bespoke wedding list service that was not linked to any particular shop or business so they could build a wedding list of gifts from any number of suppliers and their guests could be guided but not required to purchase from a particular outlet.

Both the client and the management of Aristocrat Tiaras was so pleased with the result that the wedding list service was incorporated into their website and is now offered as a free service to all.

The site includes a password-controlled area where the bride and groom can upload a picture of themselves and update a basic intro. The admin area also allows the bride and groom to maintain the gift list. Friends and Guests can choose gifts from a separate controlled part of the site, logging in with the bride or groom's name and wedding date. A friend or guest can also add his or her own items to the list.

Work Done: Full website design to complement the parent website.Programmed and developed as an OO PHP5/mySQL plugin with various admin features and automated email system.

visit site: www.aristocrattiaras.co.uk/wedding-list.php