Email and Electronic Communications Policy:

The best way to contact maweb initially is through the contact page on this site. Any communication received through this page will only be used directly by maweb in responding to your query. We will not pass any details received through our contact form or from genuine customers on to a third party (unless legally required to do so by the police or similar organisations). We strive to reply to genuine contact form queries and queries from known clients within 1 working day.

All messages received through the contact page are ip tracked to prevent misuse of the site. Ip details are only used to deal with persistent nuisance submissions and spammers.

We receive (and block) a great many bulk emails each day at considerable cost to the business. We do not buy dodgy or cut-price software, questionable medicines, replica watches or consumables from unknown suppliers! We do do not outsource our development to offshore businesses. Emails covering these subjects will be marked as spam . Anything marked as "spam" by our mail filters is automatically deleted. Emails that have a meaningless subject such as "hi", "RE:" or with no subject will be considered as spam and will be deleted accordingly.

All emails that pass through the spam filters and are received at any email address are considered to be genuine emails to the business, regardless of whom they may be addressed to. We reserve the right to use the contents of any email that passes through the filters for the furtherance of the business in whatever way we see fit, regardless of any disclaimer that may be attached to or included in the email.

We will respond to email communications only if it is deemed to be in the interest of the business to do so.