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Sell My Harp

A user generated content site advertising used harps and harp music
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Sell My Harp is part of a group of music-related websites, with this particular site advertising second-hand harps, used harp-related music and harp accessories for sale. The website includes an integral messaging system with advertiser's details stored discreetly to protect privacy. The Sell My Harp site receives and processes data fed from the group's parent website and database and packages into a harpist-friendly site.

Sell My Harp is team-member site with its own unique identity and distinctive style, the website design successfully reaches a guitarists from a range of styles and backgrounds and a focussed customer base.

Work Done: Website design, graphics optimization and logo design, full site programming in OO PHP5 with mySQL5. Data import, manipulation and filtering from parent site.

visit site: www.sellmyharp.co.uk