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Sell My Clarinet is a website for musicians to advertise used musical instruments and used printed music for sale. The site charges a small percentage of the selling price for each advertisement placed.

The Sell My Clarinet website offers advertisers the opportunity to link an advertisement to their own PayPal account for instant payment, allows potential buyers to make an offer for an instrument and fully protects seller's details by offering a bespoke messaging system.

visit site: Sell My Clarinet

User Generated Content Sites

User Generated Content websites - sometimes referred to as Web 2.0 are sites where some (or all) of the end-users generate the content for the website. These sites offer users an opportunity to advertise or sell their own products via someone else's website (consumer to consumer trading) or to interact with other users of the site in a social networking setting. These sites may offer paid services, such as advertising or selling for a percentage of the sale price, or be completely free to the end users.

These sites need well-designed administration systems as they are used by any number of unknown users who must be able to use the site securely with very little (if any) instruction.

At maweb, we have been selected as designer and programmer for a number of very successful user generated websites. Take a look at the Maweb portfolio page to see some examples

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